Summer Siege IX

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Bridge Battle


Maple Ridge Centre12820 County Road 43, Chesterville, ON, Canada
Select this link for map and directions


Gate Cost
Adult $20
Member Discount $15
Children, under 16 Free
Lunch $5
Feast After court pot-luck


  • There will be port-a-poties available. We do not have access to the indoor washrooms at the site.
  • We have access to one hose for potable water. It will be in the cooking area. Gentles are welcome to bring large jugs and containers to fill up, but are discouraged from using the hose to fill individual cups or mugs. Please try to avoid getting in the way of the lunch steward when accessing the hose.
  • There is NO shade. Gentles are encouraged to bring pop-up tents to provide areas to sit.


9:00Site Opens - first 100 to register at Gate get a pewter arrow head token
11:00Thrown Weapons Baronial Championships
11:00Armored Combat list opens
11:00Fencing list opens
12:30Armored Combat battles
12:30Fencing battles
14:00Archery Baronial Championships
Courtat Their Excellencies discretion
After courtPot-luck supper

Autocrat, Event Steward: Lady Gwednolyn of Aldburg

Lunch, Steward: Lord John Moran

Armoured Combat Fighting, Marshal: Sir Baldric

Archery, Marshal: Lord Geoffrey the pretty

Thrown Weapons, Marshal: Lord Martin Breua

Fencing, Marshal: Lord Dafydd

This year we’re going to focus on working as a team, because nobody ever survives the siege by themselves. We’ll have melees and collaborative fighting filling the day.

Picking Teams:

To start the day, we’re going to line everyone up from most experienced to least experience (based on approximate authorization date). Once everyone is in line, we’ll form teams of two by picking the people on either end of the line (so most experienced paired with least experienced). We’ll work down towards the middle of the line until everyone is paired up (and hopefully we’ll have an even number of fencers). If not, I’ll pair up with the last person.

Tourney Number one – Tag team

This will be a double elimination tourney, fought as tag teams. Best two out of three for each round.

Each team will select a fighter to enter the list. Combatants will fight to a decisive death (double kills refought). When a fighter dies, their teammate will enter the list to continue the fight while the opponent retains any wounds they have sustained. Last team with remaining fighter wins the round.

Teams must alternate first and second fighter within a round, so that the more experienced fighter isn’t always the first fighter. Winning team of each bought retains any wounds between boughts to even things out (death obviously isn’t retained). Wounds are not retained between rounds.

Tourney Number Two – Two-Person Melee

During this tourney the same teams will be used, and this time they are fighting as a unit. This will be a round robin so everyone gets to fight each team. Tie breakers will be fought to settle on the top four teams (or top two if we have low turnout) and they will fight it off best two of three for the victory.

Tourney Number Three (If Time Allows) – Mass Melee

Tired of working together? Just want to kill everyone and be the last person standing. OK, this tourney’s for you. This one is simple. Everyone enters the list, only one comes out! Fight until all but one fighter is dead. Double kills count as both people are dead, so it actually could be nobody left standing.
We’ll fight this a few times until people are too worn out to keep going.

See you there !!!

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